Al Own Advanced for Concrete Industries Co. 

A detailed presentation of the stages of the development of production and processing operations of the advanced aid company for cement industries

Company goals and objectives

- To manufacture all types of precast concrete products, including concrete and cylindrical concrete for road infrastructure work, and concrete pipes and accessories for manholes, masts and connections for rainwater drainage and sewerage systems, as well as New Jersey Barriers for road safety.

It also extends to the manufacture of all precast concrete products for the finishing works of concrete slabs (Curbs), concrete tiles for pavements, interlock tile and all types of brick and blocks for building and other works.

- The objectives are to provide products of high quality and specifications in line with the international standards through the production of specialized machines for each quality and under the supervision and monitoring the procedures for the control of the quality of fundamental and in a place and conditions appropriate and ideal.

In addition to the supply of projects in quantities required whatever they reach and in the shortest possible time, which can not be achieved and completed in the workplace, which reflects positively on increasing productivity and reduce costs.

A summary of the company's manufacturing processes

(1) Production Inputs:
The company purchases the basic materials necessary for production operations from its sources:
- Ordinary Portland Cement OPC.
- Pebble (Folic, lenticular, Sesame).
- Sand (sand sail, Sandwil sand).
- Admixtures of various types to increase the strength and speed of drying and ensure that the concrete is not stuck with molds.
- Iron grating to reinforce products, measurements and diameters.

(2) Mixing Process:

- The company feeds the central mixer with the mixing materials required by the loader to fill the material tanks and supply the cement tank by air pressure from the conveyor tanker and the tanks of auxiliary chemicals are filled with special pumps for this purpose.

- Mixing process is carried out after transferring the mixing materials to the mixing basin of the central mixer by special brushes and spiral columns through a special programmer (computer) to a high degree of accuracy according to the design mix weight that is to be used with the addition of the proportion of water and the duration of the mixture of one cubic meter size three minutes then extracted as a homogeneous mix ready to manufacture.

(3) Production:

- The ready mix is ​​transported by a floating bucket to the production lines and unloaded in the various machine tanks.

- Piping molds are supplied with a feeder with the reinforcement iron inside the molds and the shakers are operated to perform the necessary compaction until full filling and pressing.

- Providing the new concrete blocks of New Jersey Barriers (2 meters and 2.5 meters) for each block and weights up to 3 tons in batch by the mobile basin, which is unloaded in special tanker dumps to feed the concrete block molds with the continuous pouring of the screw for the required pressure and softness of the product.

Development stages of the company

- The first stage (foundation):

The company is specialized in the concrete phase of the concrete works for road works of small diameters (40cm, 60cm, 75cm and 90cm), and for the manufacture of concrete pipes for the drainage of rainwater and sewage systems from small diameters (15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm) Manual and with a volume capacity of 4 cubic meters per hour.

The aim of this phase was to identify the market and the size of the work and build relationships with the contractors and companies operating, and the company was able to achieve this goal.

- Phase II (Support):

The company found that the production must be supported in quantity and diversity through the purchase, installation and operation of Concrete Batching Plant, in which it can improve the quality of the product by obtaining a concrete mix produced in precise manner programmed with accurate weights and achieve the strength of the required concrete design as required. Production lines of cement up to 35 m3 / h are sufficient to produce large concrete pipes for road works which were added from diameters (100 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm) and for the production of concrete pipes for drainage of rainwater and sewage networks with large diameters of diameters (60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm) , 90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm (90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm) with all its accessories and resonances, as well as five types and measurements of a variety of concrete barriers (New Jersey Barriers) that need to be produced for large amounts of concrete.

- Phase III (expansion):
In addition, there is a large demand for concrete products, concrete barriers, concrete slabs, concrete tiles, and interlock tiles, which are approved by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing to supply various projects for express bus. By the Greater Amman Municipality and the Ministry of Public Works and others.
The company was quick to implement this expansion phase as a first step on the road to expand and make the necessary additions to achieve the required production by the following:

1. Construction of a new integrated hanger as shown in the attachments to increase the shaded area for the production of concrete barriers and quantities required for projects and the area of ​​this bungalow 540 m2 can be increased.

2. The pursuit of developing and increasing the means of handling the loading and transfer of the cement products of the company from pipes, culverts, trenches and concrete barriers, especially as they are heavy weights for the quantities of concrete and iron entering in their manufacture, through the purchase of forklifts for the handling of the dismantling and assembly of molds and unloading molds from The product after drying and taking it out of the ventilator to the grounds of drying the roots and then loading directly to the trailers of the project sites. 

Especially since the available crane is old and low load. The vital work of these cranes, from a minimum of 4 tons, is concentrated on the following:

A - decompose and assemble molds before casting and after casting.
B- Taking out the cement products after drying out of the manufacturing plant to the drying area.
C - loading the products from the company's yard on the surface of the dedicated flat trilates

3. Increase the number of concrete barriers to reach 40 double block molds capable of producing 80 concrete barriers with a length of 2.5 meters.

4. Arranging the ownership of a winch on a car (H.Clamp Crane Trailer) for the purpose of unloading and distribution of concrete products sent to the sites.

And thus may provide the company with the necessary elements of this expansion and can increase with the development of the requirements of projects in the market, which is thus:

- Increase the area of ​​production hanger.
- Add metal workshop for the purpose of manufacturing reinforcing steel.
- Add a central mixer with a capacity of 35 cubic meters / hour for the purpose of supplying the molds with concrete.
- Fast handling methods of forklifts No. 3 for the purpose of non-disruption of work and the occurrence of bottlenecks. (Attached to the Hangar plans, expansions, blender and company catalog).

5. The company is keen to ensure that the new production line is integrated in all its parts, including all the necessary mixing units, conveyor belts, conveyor mixers and fixed machine accessories from fully automatic rotary feeding machines, empty and loaded with the product as well as large bar for the purpose of processing products for loading and storage All these operations are run by programmable computers and advanced electronic boards.
The company has to proceed with the implementation of this development as soon as possible with the beginning of 2019 and its operation during the next month with the support of all the necessary equipment and technical cadres through the operation of this line is completely independent is not affected by other lines of production of concrete pipes and barriers and others.


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