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Aref Al Tarawneh

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Eng. Aref was born in the city of Al-Karak in 1956, where he completed the secondary school before moving to Athens, Greece where attended the "Ethniko Metsovio Polutexneio E.M.P" and received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree. 

Eng. Aref is the founder of Aref Al-Tarawneh & Brothers Establishment, which was established in 1983 as an individual owned contracting establishment before its development to be a Limited Liability Company in 2009 under its current name.

Eng. Aref, has a reach engineering field experience as he devoted 25 years in the projects’ field, working on several types of engineering projects (Civil Works, Mining, Construction). After this fruitful period, Eng. Aref shifted his attention to project management and business development, where he was successful at, as he led the company to be involved in several types of active businesses. During that time, Al-Own extended its operations to cover new areas of business, but by keeping a close eye of maintaining and expanding Al-Own’s main objective in the engineering industry.

Suleiman Al Tarawneh

 Managing Director

Eng. Suleiman was born in the city of Al-Karak in 1963, where he completed the Secondary School, after that, he traveled to Iassy, Romania where he earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Iassy National University.

 Eng. Suleiman is Al-Own’s active stakeholder in the projects’ field; he spent most of his career in the mining projects' field. Where he excelled in creating a friendly and healthy based workplace environment, which eventually led to a significant increase in line production, which is considered as a major stone in Al-Own’s mining expansion.

In his role, Eng. Suleiman established himself as a key in identifying proactive solutions by providing accurate and strategic technical solutions that mitigate risks and reduces costs along with increasing the production. In addition to his essential contribution in the development of the mining and renewable energy industry, Eng. Suleiman has also played a significant role in the development and succession of the companies’ new engineering projects, whether locally or abroad.

Mohammad Al Tarawneh

Group CEO 

Eng. Mohammad was born in the City of Al-Karak in 1969, where he completed his High School, then he earned his Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering degree from the University of Jordan.

Eng. Mohammad has significant impact on Al-Own’s financial development and expansion in the Region and Europe. Eng. Mohammad has an impressive record of successful adoption to new projects, where it should be mentioned that he is considered as a man with an extraordinary early vision on prospect projects. During his term, Al-Own has been flourishing in wide number of new businesses whether in Jordan or abroad, besides being highly involved in several joint ventures and acquisitions.

Eng. Mohammad has maintained the company’s vision of being involved in several types of businesses through Al-Own itself or its subsidiaries, as he introduced Al-Own to new markets, including machines trading, oil shale mining, concrete manufacturing, capital market, agriculture and land development projects.

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