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Arkan for Contracting Construction & Mining Works

Arkan owns and operates a fleet of specialized equipment for mining. A brief summary of the major fleet equipment is listed below: 

- Hydraulic Mining Shovel 6030 FS CAT ​

- Dump Trucks 777 & 775 & 773 & 770 CAT

- Wheel Loaders sizes (5m3 - 12m3) CAT

- Drilling Rigs (Atlas Copco & CAT)

- Bulldozers D8 & D9 & D10 CAT 

- Motor Graders 14, 16, 140 CAT

- Genset Generators All Sizes 

- Fuel, Anfo, Water Trucks 

Our fully equipped and conveniently located workshop facilities provide a comprehensive range of mining and construction equipment repairs and maintenance services which are conducted both in house and on-site. Based in Al Abiad, Jordan, our workshops are renowned as one of the best in the country. Supervised and managed by qualified mining and construction plant engineers with a shared commitment to service excellence.

All component rebuilds are done to OEM standards and best practices, and our component repairs and rebuilds come with an OEM parts warranty.

From our Al Abiad operation we have a full stocked warehouse where parts and components around ($15 million) can be transported to any location in the world to support our operations.​

Arkan for Contracting, Construction & Mining Works Ltd. was established in 2011, as a leading Jordanian company in mining, earth moving, and general contracting.

Since then, Arkan was awarded numerous mine development and mining contracts in Jordan. Arkan, carrying the legacy of the main company ( Al Own Advanced For Contracting ), building on its long experience in mining, supported by the highly qualified and well-developed staff, and a fleet of machinery capable of safe mining and handling millions of cubic meters of overburden and ore a year, through its well-controlled operations of Drilling & Blasting, Loading & Hauling, Humidity Control (drying), and screening.

Throughout its projects, Arkan has always completed its milestones on or before the set deadlines, within or above the targeted quality, ensuring the safety and well-being of its employees, in addition to the minimum impact on the environment within sustainable, lean, and green business solutions. On the other hand, Arkan is well known for its flexibility when pricing, always winning for its low-cost operations, minimizing losses, and uplifting performance, while developing and applying world-class technology and facilities, embracing new ideas, and adhering to a high standard of business operations.

Recently, Arkan has updated its strategy to expand and is targeting jobs- within its capacity, with well-established companies inside and outside Jordan. 

Mechanical Repairs

We have the capabilities to carry out minor repairs and servicing as well as complete major machine overhauls on all construction and mining equipment at OEM standards.

We cater for a full range of mechanical mining equipment repairs including engine and power train overhauls, electrical repairs and maintenance contracts.

We have the facilities and experienced staff to carry out complete component rebuilds at our workshops.

  • Machinery repairs

  • Engine overhaul and rebuilds

  • Site spec requirement fit outs

  • Upgrades and modifications

  • Component overhaul and rebuild

  • New machine assembly

  • Auto electrical works

  • Mobile line boring

  • Mobile welding

  • Fully equipped in house engineering shop

Our Projects


Phosphate Ore 45

Overburden Removal , Mining , Screening , Drying and Transportation of  Phosphate in Orebody 45 in Al Abiad Mine

Screens Arkan.jpg

Rehabilitation of Al Russaifa Mine & Screening Reject

Rehabilitation , Screening , Mining, Loading and Hauling Phosphate Ore


Dragline Mining 

Overburden removal , mining A1,A2 , A3 layers & screening A2 layers in dragline Eshidya

Arkan Drying_edited_edited.jpg

Drying Phosphate

Drying Phosphate using dryers


Drilling & Blasting Overburden Layers in dragline Eshidya


Operation & Maintenance Draglines Eshideya Mine


Interwaste removal

mining A1, A2 layers & screening A2 layers in dragline Eshidya


Overburden Removal

Overburden Removal , mining , screening & transporting phosphate in Northing Orebodies  7+41+36

IMG-20220204-WA0004 (1)_edited.jpg

Overburden Removal

​Overburden removal, mining & screening phosphate in Orebodies (31+35)


Reject Screening Phosphate

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