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Overburden Removal, Mining, Screening & Transporting Phosphate in North Orebodies  7+41+36

  • Location of Project : Al Abiad Mine

  • Client : Jordanian Phosphate Company (JPMC)

  • Awarded date of Project : 8-2013

  • Quantities of Project :

  • Overburden removal (OB) quantities = 83.6  Million  BCM

  • Mining Phosphate quantities =4.55 Million BCM

  • Screening & Crushing quantities = 4.7 Million Ton

  • Completion = 100 %

Scope of Work :

  • Overburden & internal waste Removal (83.6 MBCM) using excavator & wheal loader and transport the OB to the waste yards and cleaning with dozing.

  • Phosphate Mining (4.55MBCM) Cleaning by graders and dozers.

  • Transportation using dump truck to screen unit

  • Crushing & Screening Quantities (4.7MT)

  • Operate (closed vibrating plant system) which high by max. the yield and min. rejection.

  • Feeding 50cm hopper by wheel loaders & dump trucks

  • Classification / separation of materials by Jaw & Rotary crusher

  • Crushing & sizing the materials to pass 100% of -4mm or -6mm or -8mm

  • All materials are handled by conveyor belts and then transported to piles

  • Mixing & blending the product to get the required homogenous

  • Drying the product with solar sun and wind energy to reduce moisture content.

  • Drying the product by Dryer unit to reduce moisture content (3%)

  • Hauling the oversize (reject) material to waste yards (Stockpiles) and dozing

  • Use wheel loader for loading dispatching trucks for direct shipping & transportation to Al Abiad Mine (24Km).

  • All productivity maintenance activities of conveyor belts and vibrating screens plants performed by in house team.

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