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Epiroc RigScan bringing benefits for older drills in Jordan mining sector

Paul Moore IM International Mining

Jun 22, 2018

Epiroc team has focused on RigScan auditing of drilling solutions (ADS) equipment in Jordan.

Jordan’s mining sector is considered a cornerstone to the Jordanian economy. It plays a vital role in growth of many other important sectors in the economy and contributes to Jordan’s standard of living. The mining industry in Jordan is dominated by the production of phosphate, potash, building and decoration stones, glass sand and other nonmetallic resources. Recently, Jordan has been ranked as the sixth largest producer and the second largest exporter of phosphate, the fourth largest producer and the second largest exporter of potash, and it has the fifth largest oil shale reserves in the world.

“Major contractors are purchasing used equipment from the different areas in the world and use them to build mines. Epiroc Middle East decided to use this potential opportunity to grow aftermarket business in the country and to support local contractors with our modern service solutions even for these old machines.”

From February 2018 the Epiroc team has focused on RigScan auditing of drilling solutions (ADS) equipment in Jordan. Seven machines have been audited so far bringing good business for the Mining and Rock Excavation (MRS) division and showing the Epiroc approach on used equipment, as a company supporting machines even after 10 to 15 years after production. “Focusing on the fleet management and business potential with operational fleet is one of the key of Epiroc Middle East to grow the business.”

Carl McCallum, Project Director of contractor BCM Al Own, expects RigScan to give good value for his company on order to estimate the investments in the machines in order to get reasonable availability and lower costs. Effective stock management is also one of the values he sees in RigScan. BCM Al Own is a JV contract company which has been appointed as drilling contractor for the huge Attarat oil shale mining project. Attarat Power Co (APCO) and Attarat Mining Company (AMCO) are special purpose companies owned by Estonia’s Eesti Energia AS (Enefit), YTL Power International (YTL), a utility subsidiary of YTL Corp, and Guangdong Yudean Group of China, which together are undertaking the oil shale development project at Attarat Um Ghudran.


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