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The first Jordanian power station with oil shale will start generating in the middle of next year

Roya News

Dec 21, 2019

87% Completion of Attarat Power Plant

oil shale has reached approximately 87%. The pilot phase of power generation will begin in February 2020, while the actual generation of the national electricity grid will start in the first phase in June 20520 and the second phase in October 2020. .

The project will provide approximately 16% of the Kingdom's electricity needs, at a value lower than the average price, amounting to 7 piasters per kilowatt.

The value of the project, owned by a consortium of foreign companies and funded mostly by China, is approximately $2.5 billion, which is an Estonian-Malaysian-Chinese investment.

The Attarat project is considered the first station to produce electricity by burning oil shale. The project aims to benefit from oil shale raw materials spread in more than 26 different locations in the Kingdom, where its reserves are estimated at seventy billion tons.

The oil shale mine of the Attarat Energy Company will produce more than four hundred million tons of rock oil, enough to operate the power station for thirty years, and the period may be extended to forty years. 450 megawatts.

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