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Al-Own Advanced started its activity in Jordan around 1983 with what was called at that time the “Aref Tarawneh and brothers Foundation" with a modest capital.

20 years after the establishment of the institution, it was restructured and transformed into a company under the name "Al-Own Advanced for Contracting".

Today Al Own is considered a leading contractor with a solid portfolio that consists of diverse projects including Earthworks, Exploration & Mining, Civil Works, Highways, Bridges & Tunnels, Electromechanical & Renewable Energy, Water & Sewage, and Building Construction. 

Al Own vision 

  • Develop a package of effective strategic investments in all regions of the world, especially the middle east region.

  • Provide a global service incorporating environmentally responsible practices into all of our projects with goals set to achieve increased efficiency.

  • Build long-term trusted relationships with clients, suppliers, and local communities; Because we are all "in the same trench", we partner to identify and understand mutual interests, thus enabling us to share in mutual success.

Al Own Responsibilities (Exceeding customer expectations)

  • Al-Own conducts its tasks based on achieving satisfaction from the established principle of the customer. We are well aware that our highly competitive advantages are based on our accurate and prompt fulfillment of the requirements, views, and demands of our clients.

  • We strive to generate and embrace innovation within a culture of continuous improvement while maintaining strict quality standards. 

  • Reinforce a strong commitment to professionalism and specialization so that we can continue to exceed our expectations and those of our clients.

Al Own Environmental commitment (Build without Destroying)

We are aware that our activities have an environmental impact, so one of our priority issues is carefully managing operations before, during, and after our participation in the project. And our efforts are oriented towards careful protection of the environment and responsible use of resources.

Therefore, we are committed to being a great partner and working with a strict environmental protocol. As we strongly believe that respecting the environment is an essential factor in the development of all our activities.


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At the service of our mining clients

We commit to providing finest equipment and latest technologies so that we can guarantee that our clients achieve their production targets.

Al-Own works to exploit the natural resources in the best way to ensure their permanence to serve future generations. Al-Own has the ability to design and implement all activities related to mining, construction contracting and civil works.


We are distinguished from other companies in this field as we have a wide experience in construction projects of all sizes and specifications, including Excavation & Mining, Construction of roads, sidewalks and asphalt, Sewage and Pipeline projects. and Renewable energy projects


Our people are our greatest assets

One of the most important responsibilities of Al-Own is to cooperate with local communities that play a vital role in supporting us to achieve exceptional service.


Safety is everyone's responsibility

Al-Own works continuously to improve safe work practices, through the development of management systems preventive measures, encouraging and supporting public health and safety culture activities and workshops for all workers and partners.

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